Writing for Fun and Profit

Write ’til you drop—not from exhaustion but from age.Iron Grip Let me tell you about my new, soon-to-be-released book Iron Grip.   In September 1945, I flew to Alabama to rejoin my Lieutenant husband, Alex, stationed there with the Army Chemical Warfare Service. Four days later as I watched eagerly for his return to our apartment, an official Camp Siebert car came in the driveway. Captain Greeley, hat in hand, came to the door to tell me that  Alex had been in "a little accident at camp and his hands were burned."After I waited two hours at the camp hospital, the surgeon came to tell me that Alex had lost both hands when a detonating device exploded as he was helping his men unload a shipment of munitions.Iron Grip is the story of a marriage-long adventure in which Alex and I learned through laughter and tears to make my two hands serve as four.  He gained remarkable dexterity, completed college, and gained employment in industry and complete independence–an example to amputees everywhere.The book is dedicated to amputees who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.____My workshops encourage writers of all ages to capitalize on their own life experiences as grist for their writing mills. dialogue on willma goreblog page.

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